The Gallery

Welcome to the Gallery! Feel free to submit images! Even if it's just something you drew up on Paint, or if you scanned some artwork and want to share it, e-mail it to me and we'll see who gets the best images!

Hey, do you want to make your own Potter Puppet Pals pictures? Click Here to get to the website! After you have the parts the way you want them, click "finished", then on your keyboard, hit Print Screen (Prt Scr). Then, open up Paint. Press Ctrl V and the screen should pop up. Experiment until you get the picture right. There should be a video on Youtube explaining this better. If you get the hang of it, you can make your own movie! That is, if you want to figure out how to use Windows Movie Maker!

Entries For The Gallery Contest

Below are the entries for The Gallery Contest! You must have your name, picture, and title of the picture to be submitted.

Rockin' The Prehistoric: Submitted by Rylee

This Moose...has spoken: Submitted by Rylee