Summer Dreams 05/11/2008

I cannot wait for summer. I'm not going to post another Sunny's AstroFacts for this month until the Summer Edition comes out. HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!


Welcome back! Today we're going to talk about astronomy.

Do you know what the eight planets are? They are Mercury, Venus, Earth (go Earth!), Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The solar system just doesn't seem right without Pluto! The Solar System is in the Milky Way Galaxy. Astronomers study the planets, stars, and galaxies in and around this galaxy. So far, no intelligent life has been found.

This edition of Sunny's AstroFacts is cut a bit short, but before we close I'd like to mention the new poll on my page. Please take it!

Next Month: Constellations

Oh, and don't forget the file showing the diagram of the Solar System!

What is the color of a star nearing the end of its life?


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My Girlfriend 03/14/2008

If you have read the February Issue of Real Appeal (or the March Issue) you will know that I have a girlfriend named Aurora. She is very pretty and has about the same sense of humor as me. Anyway, she's going to help me do Sunny Days's Page from now on. I am NOT calling it Sunny Days's and Aurora Goldsky's Page. I mean, that's WAY too long.

Although we stars have a very extended family, Aurora is NOT part of the family, so I'm not dating my long-lost cousin or something. That would be WRONG IN SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS!

Anyway, there will be a quiz on how well you know Aurora, so lots of guesswork will be involved (maybe).


Welcome back to Sunny's AstroFacts!

Today, we continue with astrology. How does your sign affect your personality?

Let's use the example of Pisces. The date for the sign is Feb. 19-Mar 20. If you were born towards the beginning of this time period, you will (maybe) have some characteristics of an Aquarius; If you were born towards the middle, you (might) have the normal qualities of Pisces. If you were born towards the end of this time period, you may have some characteristics of an Aries. But remember, everyone is different, and the qualities of each sign aren't always the qualities that match you.

The next time we talk about astrology, we will determine which planet goes with your sign.

Next Month: Basic Astronomical Facts

March 2008


Hello, welcome to Sunny's AstroFacts! This is a place where you can get facts about astronomy and astrology. So you ask, what are astronomy and astrology?

astronomy-the science of studying the stars and planets

astrology-the study of the Sun's planets and how they affect someone. This is called a horoscope.

Today, we're going to talk about astrology. What is your sign?

Sign             Date                  Traits

Aries            Mar 21-Apr 19      bold, energetic

Taurus         Apr 20-May 20     possesive, loyal

Gemini         May 21-Jun 20    lively, intelligent

Cancer        Jun 21-Jul 22   emotional, patriotic

Leo             Jul 23-Aug 22   cheerful, powerful

Virgo          Aug 23-Sept 22    pratical, tidy 

Libra  Sept. 23-Oct 22 companionable, pleasant

Scorpio      Oct 23-Nov 21 secretive, passionate

Sagittarius   Nov 22-Dec 21 cheerful, generous

Capricorn    Dec 22-Jan 19  ambitious, cautious

Aquarius     Jan 20-Feb 18 curious, independent 

Pisces        Feb 19-Mar 20 artistic, sensitive

My birthday is May 30. My traits are lively and intelligent. Yes, I belive that describes me pretty well.

Next month: How your sign affects your personality 

Feb 2008                     

Sunny Swears 01/29/2008

I don't say normal swears, like you humans do. Some of my swears are found in this month's Real Appeal.

1. Zero-gravity brain

2. What in Moondust's name are you doing?

3. Sun of a nebula

Have you ever seen the PPP movie "Wizard Swears"? If you have, they have some weird curses... that was just three of my favorite Sunny Swears!

Hello Again! 01/19/2008

The new Real Appeal should be coming out soon... Here's a sneak peek!

Doug creates a bestseller book... gasp!

There's a poll... on how popular you think you are.

Alright that's enough info! Read the magazine to find out more!


Ya its been a while... anyway the new Real Appeal is up! Be sure to check it out!


Yo people! This is my e-mail address: Be sure to add me!


This is a funny story... it happened last Thanksgiving.

Everyone is sitting at the table, with a big, juicy turkey that just got set down on the table by Cheryl.

Sunny: Let's dig in!
Sunny: Owwee! My hand is on fire! Wait a minute, I'm on fire! AHHH!
Sunny: Yeah, I know I'm the star of Real Appeal, but could you please give me some water?
Davis: Woohoo! Rodeo on a hose!
(house gets soaked)
Sunny: Hey, the turkey's cool now! Let's eat!
Niota: Achoo! I think I have a cold, Cheryl. *sniff*
Cheryl: Me *cough* too.
Jason: My stomach feels weird, Cheryl. I think I'm going to throw...
(after throw-up is all over the walls and floor)
Sunny: The turkey has been UNTOUCHED by the upchucked body fluid, and it is still cool enough to eat. I don't know about you, Fred, but I'm digging in.
Fred: No you're not Sunny. You're the only one that is not sick here, so you have to take care of us.