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This page is primarily for the Staff members of Real Appeal, or for those who wish to submit an article or send in their contest/poll form.


Nellie: Editor/Creator

Sunny: Mascot-Sunny Days's Page

Ellie: Ellie's Guide to Everything!

Sarah: Dinner is Served!

Hanna: Hanna's Health


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Get ready to hand in your articles for September!


An issue has come up concerning the website and the articles of Real Appeal. If you are a member of the staff, E-MAIL ME RIGHT AS YOU READ THIS MESSAGE!


Have a great vacation readers and staff!


Start thinking about getting your articles in for May...


No need to put in your articles for April; it's a Quiz Edition! You may submit a quiz though.


The new Real Appeal is posted on the front page. Be sure to read it!


Please submit forms for the contest if you haven't already.


Be sure to get Real Appeal Articles in for March!