The GuestBook QuickPost

Let me lay down some rules here:

1.Don't use inaproprite words or any bad words.
2.Do NOT use real name.
3.Don't give personal info.
3.Nickname must be approprite. Ex. NiceKid, ILuvLabs, etc.
4.Age must be 10 and up to use.
5.Only use English laugage.
6.Chat nicely to others.Only be nice not mean.
7.If any of these rules are broken by someone, they will be banned for 24 hours or more.

8.NEVER address someone by their real name! Use their nicknames only! The only people able to ask who the person is are the owner (gold) or the moderator (silver).

Info: Red people are offline, Green are online, Silver is Moderator, Gold is Owner, and blue are members
Everyday we will check the chat box if anyone has broken our rules.

Also: When lots of people visit the chatroom, more moderators will be elected!

If we're not online, please notify us of any mistreat of these rules a.s.a.p. We want this to be a safe chatroom.
If the moderator is NOT following and abiding the rules properly, please report it as soon as possible!