Have a question? Just ask and I'll put it right here (IF its a good question).

1. Questions about Real Appeal

Q: What is Real Appeal?
A: Real Appeal is a magazine that is popular in my school. Please look at About for details.

Q: Do you make Real Appeal?
A: Yes and no. I design and edit the magazine, while some of my best friends submit articles for everyone to see!

Q: Are we free to print the PDF files on the site?
A: Yes, as long as you use them respectively and do not say you made them because I DID!

2. Questions About the Website

Q: Will all of the past Real Appeals be in the Past Issues Page?
A: No, because there will be special events where you can see some long-lost issues, such as the first newsletter. Please check the home page for the dates when this is coming! 

Q: Will you add any new videos?
A: I will add new videos all the time! I may comepletely change the videos each time the new Real Appeal comes out, too.

Q: How do I ask one of the staff members a question if I don't have e-mail?
A: You may post a comment in the Guestbook under whoever you want the question to be asked to.

Q: What if I want to suggest something to be improved on this site?
A: Go to the Guestbook and there is a section called "Improvements". Please type your suggestion there.

3. Questions About the Staff

Q: Can I become part of the staff?
A: If you can handle the responsibility of sending in an article to me every month, I might consider it. 

Q: Who is Sunny Days?
A: Sunny Days is the mascot for Real Appeal.