Lets start with the basics. You may wonder "What is Real Appeal?".

That's an easy question! Real Appeal is a magazine that has been popular in my school for quite a while now, and now, I thought, I might as well make a webpage.

I, Nellie, make the magazines and have since Summer 2006. I have many different people that help me make the magazine possible, such as my good friends Ellie, Hanna, Sarah, and Hailey.

Ellie has her own page, called Ellie's Guide to Everything. She is very good about giving advice, and she loves Real Appeal.

Hanna has a page called Hanna's Health. She gives out information about what to eat, how to keep yourself clean, and how to keep you from catching a bug! She also gives out some organization tips. She loves Sunny Days, although we aren't sure why...

Sarah has her own share of Real Appeal called Dinner is Served! She has some good safety tips about cooking and information about eating right. She likes Real Appeal because it's informative.

Hailey submits articles every once in a while about her diabetes. She has Type 1 diabetes and wants the world to donate to help find a cure. Her article is called Hailey's Diabetes Facts.

I suppose I'd better tell about Sunny... he has his own page called Sunny Days's Page. He is an outgoing star (ha I cracked another star joke!) and has been the mascot of Real Appeal since the first issue. He has two sisters and three brothers. They are (in order of age) Cheryl, Fred, Niota, Jason, and Davis. He also has one cousin (that we know of...) named Doug. Doug and Davis usually get up to some mischeif every once of a while so you might see some of that in the magazine or on Sunny's Blog. He also has a girlfriend named Aurora, and I feel very sorry for Aurora (if you know what I mean!). He's liked working with me for more than a year now. I've liked him, 'cause he cracks some funny ones every once in a while.

Maybe you're wondering about me. I'm Nellie, and I'm the author and editor of this magazine. I've loved doing this. My friends have (tried) to get their articles in before the 16th, and I look forward to see if you have an article to submit someday too. Sunny has the Real Appeal address listed on his blog somewhere, and you can always go to Submit an Article to well, submit an article!


If there is anything else you want to know just ask!