Hello, welcome to Sunny's AstroFacts! This is a place where you can get facts about astronomy and astrology. So you ask, what are astronomy and astrology?

astronomy-the science of studying the stars and planets

astrology-the study of the Sun's planets and how they affect someone. This is called a horoscope.

Today, we're going to talk about astrology. What is your sign?

Sign             Date                  Traits

Aries            Mar 21-Apr 19      bold, energetic

Taurus         Apr 20-May 20     possesive, loyal

Gemini         May 21-Jun 20    lively, intelligent

Cancer        Jun 21-Jul 22   emotional, patriotic

Leo             Jul 23-Aug 22   cheerful, powerful

Virgo          Aug 23-Sept 22    pratical, tidy 

Libra  Sept. 23-Oct 22 companionable, pleasant

Scorpio      Oct 23-Nov 21 secretive, passionate

Sagittarius   Nov 22-Dec 21 cheerful, generous

Capricorn    Dec 22-Jan 19  ambitious, cautious

Aquarius     Jan 20-Feb 18 curious, independent 

Pisces        Feb 19-Mar 20 artistic, sensitive

My birthday is May 30. My traits are lively and intelligent. Yes, I belive that describes me pretty well.

Next month: How your sign affects your personality 

Feb 2008