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September 4

YAY! THE NEW REAL APPEAL IS UP PEEPS! CHECK IT OUT! (Note to people who usually get paper magazines, printer wasn't working so...yeah.)

August 30

Okay I should have the first edition for this magazine year done by tomorrow or Monday, I hope. More Special updates coming!

August 25

Awlright Peoples! Real Appeal World is getting its groove back on! I'll update it as much as I can, and if you haven't noticed already, I changed the design. The countdown to the first edition begins...NOW!

July 22

Hey I added something to the site...heh heh...do you see the Pokeball that says Arenea on it? Yeah, that's it click on the "Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!", then wait for the screen to pop up and click on yes you want to level this PokePlushie. Then you can create your own! (This PokePlushie won't open up until Sept. 14, so I don't know what it is yet!)

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